Our Story

During one of my many pregnancy related emergency room trips, the nurse offered me some broth. She was raving about how delicious and nutritious it was. When I finally got it, it was a cup of hot water and a packet of broth powder. Mostly salt and preservatives. I thought to myself, once this passes, I’m going to do better.

I found solace in broths during my pregnancies. I am now a mom of two and both of my pregnancies were quite difficult. Untamable nausea, dehydration, iron transfusions, and two emergency c-sections took a toll on my body. Traditional medicine felt like it was failing me and store bought broth reminded me of flavored sparkling water. All branding with just a hint of flavor. So I dug into my Pakistani roots and did what I do best, made it myself.

It has been a journey to say the least, but here we are. I tweaked and tweaked to find the best ingredients to help with the different phases of my recovery. Gut health, recovery, inflammation, and more, all with whole ingredients.

But benefits aren’t worth much without the flavor. So I needed to make the broth so full of flavor that you’ll crave the next sip. As good for drinking as it is for cooking. Now, I want the world to try them. Broths that are fresh, savory and full of healing properties. It’s more than a packet. It’s more than a box. It’s actually broth.

Maryam Ishtiaq, Founder & CEO

With over 4 years in the baby food and tech startup industry, Maryam has acquired diverse skills. As a content creator, she crafts digital media strategies for her own businesses and others. Her understanding of the food sector and love for cooking led her to develop the highest quality halal broth on the market.

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Nabeel Shah, Founder & CFO

With a background in Electrical Engineering and extensive experience in Finance, Nabeel adeptly tackles complex issues. His passion for food and health, combined with operational and problem-solving aptitude, grants him an edge in launching a new product in an oversaturated market.

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